Take Revenge on the Dress HD MP4

视频时长: 17 分钟 视频大小: 643/MB
Take Revenge on the Dress HD MP4

I’m so excited for my date! I just bought this brand new expensive dress and I look so hot in it. He’s going to fall for me in no time. Unfortunately I find out he took another woman out to dinner! The nerve of that jerk! I spent all this money on this dress that I have never worn before for absolutely no reason! I’m so upset and the more I look at this damn dress the angrier I get. If I can’t get revenge on him then I’ll take out my frustrations on this dress! I begin to cut little holes at first, swearing off men. The more I cut and tear into this dress, the better I feel. I reveal more and more of my curvy bottom half as I destroy the dress. The sounds of the fabric shredding is like music to my ears. I keep going until I’m down to just my satin panties and high heels. There are different views of me destroying the dress, including close ups.