WMV – Hailey and Kaya Beach Ball and Balloon Party

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 277/mb
WMV - Hailey and Kaya Beach Ball and Balloon Party

Hailey and Kaya are in the mood to pull out the beach balls again for some fun, as it has been a while since they got to blow some up and bounce on them. Both looking hot, in their matching booty shorts, Hailey brings out the bag of inflatables. They each grab one of their favorite beach balls, the biggest ones they have with the yellow and blue on them, they seem to be a fan fav too! Also Hailey sees that they have some new type of toys in the bag, Screaming Rocket Balloons! Yep, they are very weird and neither Kaya or Hailey know what to expect or to do with them but wanted to try them out and have fun, hoping nobody got hurt lol. Having everything set up they are ready to blow up their beach balls. Hailey told Kaya they should have a race and she would even give her a 10 second head start due to Kaya’s known lack of blowing up the balls as fast as everyone else, well looks like she has been practicing behind Hailey’s back bc even with the head start she is only seconds behind Hailey. They each start to smile and laugh as they sit on the beach balls, feeling them between their legs, they almost forgot how good they felt as they bounce on them, rubbing their pussies and getting wet excited and ready for more! Ready to figure out what the hell the balloons were about, they each grab the packages and rip them open and start the play with the little pumps inside along with the long colorful balloons. Hailey wanted to be sure they were going to be able to play with them properly so she read the instructions, and yes as I am sure you know they both looked very concerned as the last sentence said something about keep away from trees and rooftops they were not really sure if they should be doing this in their bedroom, then the fun begins….Not only do Hailey and Kaya continue to blow up and bounce on their beach balls, they now are bringing out the new toys they got, Flying Screaming Rocket Balloons! After Hailey reads the weird instructions which make them both a little concerned for their safety, they each grab the pumps and a balloon and start the pumping. Hailey wasn’t having good luck her first 2 tries as her first balloon had a hole in it and her 2nd one popped at the first pump! Meanwhile Kaya starts pumping hers and the look on her face is priceless as she sees how big it starts to get. Hailey finally gets hers going as well, they get them pumped up nice and big, teasing each other about how they look like penises. Kaya waits for Hailey to be ready to let go of their balloons at the same time as she has no clue what is going to happen. 1,2,3…GO!!! The balloons go flying into the air, all across the room making a screaming sound, they are both so excited at their new balloons, they want to do another one! After they finish with that one, Kaya takes charge and uses her pump to Hailey’s beach ball, popping it as she is sitting on it, Hailey is so surprised by her actions, screaming that Kaya cheated, she was fast to pop Kayas and tear it from under her right away! They had so much fun with the new toys they can’t wait to show their friends and play with them again! Enjoy!!

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