What a Tease – stockings, heels and legs.

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 143/mb
What a Tease - stockings, heels and legs.

There is a reason why I love wearing stockings, stilettos and lingerie. It all has to do with my obsession with Dressing for Pleasure. I am the ultimate sensation whore. The different sensations each item has to offer just makes my heart pitter patter until I am about to explode with utter fetish excitement. Standing high a top a thin stiletto makes me seriously cream my satin panties. The look, the feel, the sound of my foot steps as the stiletto clicks on the floor, this all drives me totally wild. Fully fashioned stockings high up on my legs does it for me just as much! Feeling that silky smoothness as I rub my legs together and as my fingertips caress the nylon… this sends me to euphoria. It’s not complete without a little lingerie number. Here I have on a satin black babydoll that exposes my perfect tits. My nipples are already hard and erect and awaiting some play. I love having my nipples sucked by a yearning man. I enjoy being adored, admired, worshiped by a man on his knees begging to feel me and my sexy attire. I take you to the edge. Not too much… I give you just a taste… just a tease.

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