Throat and Neck Play with Randy Moore

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 91/mb
Throat and Neck Play with Randy Moore

Randy Moore exposes and shows her long, gorgeous, beautiful neck and nape! Fully naked with huge tits, the camera pans across her gorgeous body, flawless skin, and amazing curves. Want to see inside? Open wide and say "Ah!" so you can check out what it would look like if she were deep throating you. She opens her mouth as wide as she can, her tongue hanging out, and you see allll the way inside her beautiful throat.Leaning her head all the way back, you can see her beautiful neck muscles. How long is it, you ask? She’ll get out the tape measure to see how long and thick it measures. Look at the outline of her clavicle and her beautiful form! Check out when she swallows and you can follow her muscles move up and down. Using the down comforter as a pillow, she leans against the bed, exposing her whole mouth, throat, and downward so that you can see what she would look like it bed with you. But what you really want is to see her lying on a fuzzy rug, extending her whole neck as she leans her head back. This is for the neck fetishists and anyone who’s a fan of beautiful Randy Moore!

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