The Ugly Sweater MP4

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 213/mb
The Ugly Sweater MP4

I’m supposed to be meeting my mom and some of her friends out for dinner but I can’t seem to find the dress I wanted to wear! I call her to see if she has seen it and she informs me she replaced it with a nice sweater dress. I agree to try it on but when I do it doesn’t even fit me correctly! This sweater is so ugly! I call my mom back to tell her I am NOT wearing this stupid thing but she is insistent that i do. I angrily hang up on her and begin plotting my revenge. Oh she wants me to wear this? Ha, well let’s just see about that! I begin cutting and stabbing the sweater dress repeatedly. Before you know it, it’s like a brand new dress! My breasts in my bra are exposed and there’s little to no recognition of the previous garment. She wants me to wear it, well wait til she gets a load of this!

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