Sick in rain gear – m4v

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 62/mb
Sick in rain gear - m4v

CUSTOM SCENARIO: Maybe just focus on the dressing up and then talking directly to the camera, as if it is over the course of a long day saying things like, but you have a great attitude and smile and laugh through it A. I know you think that all this rain gear will all keep me dry but once it starts raining anything that keeps rain out, keeps sweat in so you are soaked either way B. I have had a cold after the Christmas season so often that the guys call me Rudolph the red nosed deckhand C. I would blow someone for dry wool socks and a foot massage right now but I would probably choke to D. I just changed into my sixth and last dry pair of socks for the day and I I still have 5 hours to go awesome And two or three others about how wet and cold and miserable it is how "sexy" this must be etc

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