No Smoking Miss!

Clip Time: 19 Minutes Clip Size: 408/mb
No Smoking Miss!

***This is a video produced by a wonderful fan at the event FetishCon 2014. It was not filmed by me or, but it stars me and Kymberly Jane. It is in standard definition, non-HD***Kymberly Jane is smoking in the stairwell next to a sign that shows no smoking. I am the manager of the hotel who enters the stairwell and catches her in the act. When I reprimand her, Kym gives me attitude so I decide to make her my next victim. Unfortunately for Kym, she does not know that I use the hotel to capture and traffic attractive women to be sold in an overseas sex trade. I put Kym’s hands behind her back, handcuff her to a pipe in the stairwell and use a sleepy cloth on. Her eyes rolls back in her head and she is out cold. When Kym wakes up, she is in my own personal hotel room with her wrists tied in front of her and a gag in her mouth. I explain to her that I need to warm her up for my buyers and will be having some fun with her before selling her as a sex slave. I put on my favorite black domino mask, neck collar and remove my top. I also remove Kym’s top and am very excited about her large natural breasts. We are now both wearing just black skirts with no panties. I straddle her, fondle her, kiss her gagged mouth and force her to put her hands on me and fondle my large breasts. I get so excited that I untie her hands so she can use them to please me. Kym starts fondling and kissing me, but it is just a distraction while she grabs my sleepy cloth on the nightstand. She puts it over my nose and mouth and I am out cold. Kym then turns the tables on me. She ties me up and puts a gag in my mouth. When I wake up she tries to molest me in revenge, but I like being tied up and played with, so she just turns me on even more. Kym can’t believe how I can like this kind of thing, so she has a better idea. She puts on my jacket and decides to take my place. She will pose as the boss and sell me into sex slavery. This gets my attention and I beg her to let me go. I struggle and struggle to get free as Kym laughs.

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