Mistresses Playtime Full mp4

Clip Time: 66 Minutes Clip Size: 1408/mb
Mistresses Playtime Full mp4

What a lucky slave to have three beautiful pornstar mistresses using him for their pleasure! Riley Reynolds, Nina Harley, and Jay Taylor can’t wait to amuse themselves by tormenting the body of their slave Marcelo. They get started with a little CBT, fastening clips on his tender privates. While the pain sets in on his cock and balls, the Mistresses entertain themselves with a riding crop. By the time they’re done, he’s aching from the clamps, but not as much as he will when they take them off and send the blood rushing back… Now it’s time for his beating! The three stunning ladies unleash a barrage of blows on their eager slave. Starting with spanking, they work their way up to clubs, floggers and a cane. He thanks his Mistresses for putting him to use, but they’re not done with him yet!The backside of their slave is red and raw, so the Mistresses flip him over for more fun. Mistress Hartley flogs him and shows the others how to tease his dick with a few flicks of the riding crop. Then these three goddesses pull out their canes to make sure he has welts on the front to match those they left in back…Next it’s time for the real treat, stretching out their slutty slave’s ass! The mistresses share his hungry hole, each putting fingers in him at the same time as he begs for more. Finally Mistress Reynolds puts her whole fist in his ass! Once she’s done fisting her fucktoy, Mistress Taylor takes a turn fucking him with a dildo. That slave’s ass must be so sore, but the three Mistresses aren’t done with him yet! He’s got a job to do, cleaning up their dirty high heels, with his tongue. He licks the undersides of their shoes hungrily, sucking on the heels, as they instruct him. Mistress Reynolds wants more though, and takes her heels off for a thorough cleaning of her bare feet. Once she’s satisfied that he’s gotten every inch, the Mistresses have a treat for their lucky slave. They lay him down and let him jerk off while they put toys up his ass, spit on him, and deny him breath, laughing at his predicament. At last, he may cum. mp4

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