It’s All Fun and Games Pt 1

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 23/mb
It's All Fun and Games Pt 1

Until someone gets hurt. Well not exactly hurt at least not yet. I came home to find Luna sunbathing in the back yard and when I told her I was home she asked me to put some baby oil on her back. The thought of her bronze latina skin shinning in the sun seemed like a pretty good idea at the time. Besides, who would pass up the chance to rub her hot body and with baby oil involved it would be the perfect opportunity to easily slide an oiled finger into her ass whcih I’ve been wanting to do. Starting at her shoulders and working my way down across her ass to the bottom of her legs I rub a finger across her pussy and slowly to her ass. As I try and press a finger in she pulls away telling me her ass is off limits but not to be denied I continue to try against her warnings that if I continue I’m going to have to pay but I press on. Convincing her she should at least let me continue covering her in oil we decide it’s better to contine in the house away from the neighbors.

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