IPAD – Kaya Paradis LOVES to Iron, even more while naked

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 49/mb
IPAD - Kaya Paradis LOVES to Iron, even more while naked

Hi my name is Kaya Paradis ,I am from France and I am addicted to ironing !…Now, I know what you are thinking.. This sound like we are attending an AA meeting ?!..Well, you can all be reassured, this clip has nothing to do with AA!! You are not expected to respond "hi Kaya!"…However, you are expected to get as turn on as I do every time I put an hand on my sexy iron and ironing table. I don’t hold anything back I promise you that you all will be mesmerize by watching me ironing not one but two dresses! One being mine and the second one belonging to my beautiful girlfriend Hailey…I am sure many of you know her, Hailey Young, I am very lucky to be as she call me "her slut in training" !! She is not only the best but the hottest teacher in the world ! For the past 3 years ,she has encouraged me to explore my sexuality ,try new things and embrace all my fetishes…Cum and watch me as I iron very meticulously our dresses before we go out for the evening. You will find me standing in front of my ironing table. Firmly holding my beloved iron, I stand naked wearing nothing but a pair of heels…Handling my hot and steaming precious iron, I get into a back and forth motion, taking care of every single wrinkle. The heavy steam cuming out is getting me so horny and turn on…I know the time for Hailey and I to leave the house is close…but I can’t stop playing with my iron…I am only few seconds away to experience an orgasm…but Hailey walks in …telling me she will be waiting for me in the car ! As difficult as letting go of my iron is ,I must press the off button, stopping the addicting sound of the steam as well as the humid hot air brushing my naked body witch always drive me to a world of pleasure and ecstasy. The dresses are done and my beautiful girlfriend is waiting on me .I feel bad for Having to abruptly abandon my "Shark". But before joining Hailey, I whispered to my heavy duty lover, how much it means to me . And luckily tomorrow is Monday, my fun day …laundry day !

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