Fayth is Undressed by Mallory

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 138/mb
Fayth is Undressed by Mallory

Mallory walks in to find me napping, very solidly! She rolls me over, plays with my wrists, legs, and i don’t react at all. My limbs fall quickly back to the floor. She takes full advantage of my eyes closed, sleeping body. She rolls me over all the while, trying to figure out how to get my dress off. She struggles trying to figure out what way to bend my limbs and lift me to help her, but its cute watching her do this for her first time! She adjust my red silk panties and bra as well. She gently rubs her hands all over me. She eventually gets the dress off over my head. she lifts me in her lap and sensually touches me then she rolls me on the floor to rub me some more. I don’t wake up from lala land at all during this video.

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