Black Nylon Encasment 1 mov

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 199/mb
Black Nylon Encasment 1 mov

This is my second ever pantyhose encasement. I strip down out of office wear and then slip into a pair of silky brand new sheer to waist pantyhose. They feel so good and ride so high! I bend over and tease you, then get on the floor doggystyle to show off my ass in these sexy black hose. Then I grab a pair of French cut black pantyhose and cut a hole in the crotch and slip it over my head to make a shirt with gloves to move to the next stage of my encasement. I enjoy the feeling and love the nylons over my hands, and how it feels to caress the tight, silky but frictiony material on my body. In no time I’m probing my naughty places and making a wet spot and cumming in my pantyhose for you. Look out for part two where I put on a pantyhose hood & play with toys!

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