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Today we bring you a fantasy set in the Victorian era. Our story takes place in the "average upper-class" home. The size of the estate requires the service of a household staff. Remember, this is set in a puritanical era, where people adhere to a strict code of conduct. Servants know their place and young women, most certainly, must maintain a submissive and virginal appearance at all costs. Any household with young, nubile maids may have problems keeping them in line, focused on the expedient completion of their duties. This household is no exception. The lady of the house insists upon punctuality and proper housekeeping from her staff. When she discovers that one rebellious maid has been sneaking out to meet a "gentleman friend" before completing her duties, she is furious and wastes no time in taking strong action. After receiving word that the Mistress wants to see her, the guilty young maid stands before her. She is told to remove her garments before being strictly bound in a series of positions meant to discourage her from ever leaving the premises. During this discipline session, this young maid confesses to her misdeeds. But she also tells her mistress that the supervising maid knew of her escapades and had encouraged her to sneak out. Well, you can bet that the head maid will join her young assistant in the severest and most painful bondage positions that the Mistress can dream of.

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