Addie Angrily Pulls and Tugs on Dakota’s Ears – Dial Up

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 24/mb
Addie Angrily Pulls and Tugs on Dakota's Ears - Dial Up

Dakota is in her groove listening to some music when Addie comes over and takes off her headphones. Addie’s looking for her earrings, and it just so happens that Dakota is wearing them. When Dakota refuses to take them out and says they are hers, Addie pulls her by her cartilage and moves her to the couch until she takes them out. Still resistant, Dakota pulls away and maintains that these earrings are hers. When Dakota starts screaming out "Ow," Addie won’t stop because she wants what is rightfully hers! Even though she twists and pulls away, Addie keep’s tugging on her earlobes and won’t let go of these studs. Addie decides she’s got to twist it so that Dakota will take it out. When that still doesn’t work, she pulls on both ears at the same time. Fuckin bitch! Dakota’s face grimaces and and whines with each twist and turn. Very catty girls!

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