45 Degree Shivering Challenge

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 286/mb
45 Degree Shivering Challenge

This was a custom video, now available to the public at a drastically reduced price. I stand outside in 45 degree Fahrenheit weather wearing nothing but a bra and G-string for 10 minutes! You get to watch me in extreme discomfort with my teeth chattering and uncontrollable shivering. My facial expression and mood shifts between discomfort, determination, desperation, and sometimes even giggling, as I try my hardest to endure the cold. Includes full-body shots , face close-ups, and an awesome close-up of my ass and thighs in which you can see every single goosebump! This video is kind of creepy, kind of artsy, and a real treat for anyone with a shivering/freezing/goosebump fetish!

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