3 Melting Girls

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 112/mb
3 Melting Girls

My 2 girlfriends came over to hang out with me! We had the munchies so Farrah went to find something in the kitchen. She returns with these small round colorful candies! I’ve never seen them before. We were so hungry so we opened them up and popped a few in our mouth!They left a weird and unfamiliar aftertaste, but something about them made us keep wanting them. I must have eaten about 12! It starts to feel…hott….slow…humid…my senses become fuzzy, and i barely have the energy to hold myself up…i can feel myself slowly drifting…slowly melting….my friends look funny. my arm cant seem to reach them.. we slowly melted off the bed and onto the floor..the only thing that remained was our socks and the remnants of our candy wrappers.

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